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I prepare for war inside my head I close my eyes and reach the point Where everything is meaningless You strike on my nerves You have dragged me down But I'll do the same that you've been doing to me Before you can say a word I'm gonna get you, break you and throw you away Can't you see your oncoming suffering? Why can't you see the revelation? The pressure of blood is singing in my ears When I heard that you've been spreding lies around me I strike with fear I cry for war And I pull the strings that you've been holding before I will present the shock wave of your life Can't you see your oncoming suffering? Why can't you see the revelation? Today you see the end of the line 'Cos now my hatred is open wide Then you will know who I am in this game The Angel of Revenge You're about to see what is like to be haunted and nailed down My lust for war will lead us to this bitter state Where pain is so real and paralyzing The price we have to pay But like phoenix I rise To tear your soul apart now

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