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Angel hair Floating over there Well you think I don't see? I see clear through I see little fish in my sea little sea All the birds have turned to hawks in me Living vicariously You are 3 Stick your sickness inside my line up and take your orders well done says the one and only you've left them all behind alonely needing more floor hours of - You take your punishment well Swallow it Just steal Stinking up from behind Show me the way to the white Bow to my people real Shut! Eyes wide legs shut Shut Shut So you your little sea try to get me You think I don't see I see clear through! Stick your sickness line up take orders well line up You think I don't see I see clear through Stick your sickness inside my line up I don't bleed your state of mind

Ultima melodie mp3 muzica straina Angel Hair album piesa melodia versuri mp3. Versuri piesa Babes In Toyland versurile cantece descarca cuvinte.

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