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(John Elefante) Andi won't dance Andi won't sing Andi won't play She sits in her room, hiding away, hiding away She hasn't a friend They think she's a boy, they leave her alone But what they don't know Andi has dreams, all of her own Yea, she wants to be a lady Can anyone see? That's she's trapped inside a little boy's body She's waiting For the dream of her life To be a lady That's all she wants to be (Chorus) Andi you're not just anyone Don't be ashamed Open the door, don't hide away Your dreams will awaken Andi you're not just anyone Don't take the blame Though you're scared and all alone You'll be there someday Oh Andi, you're old enough to know Don't ask me why The leaves they fall down from the trees But in the spring, they come again Yes, they come again Oh Andi, don't be afraid Oh Andi Andi can you hear me? Will you come out on your own? Oh the voice in the distance Saying don't be afraid, Andi I will make you somebody I will make you a lady The dream of your life A lady, is what you will be (Chorus)

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