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Versuri And then we kiss

Lying alone Touching my skin I'm falling under A girl like me And I can't hold it in It makes me wonder Is this for real? It's not what it seems You're like an angel I'm running now My feet off the ground Pre-refren Take me Touch me Won't you hold me close? Refren And then we kiss Your love comes alive on my lips I feel a rush Coming over me, over me And when we touch This moment when everything's still I close my eyes And then we kiss The feel of your hand As it touches my hair It makes me tremble Don't wanna let go Of the feelings we share So baby, go slow Our hearts beating fast And my body cries I want it to last It's burning inside We're getting deeper Pre-refren x 1 Refren x1 You're drifting The sun comes up You're fading You seem so far I don't know If I'm awake Open my eyes And then We kiss... Pre-refren x1 Refrenx1 And then we kiss And then we kiss And when we touch This moment when everything's still I close my eyes And then we kiss

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