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I don't need me a basketball player All I need is somebody that's down for me And he don't have to have money His love is just like honey It's so sweet to me He can have anything in this world But he sacrificed it all for me And I made up my mind I'm in love this time And it feels so real [chorus] And I know that he won't break my heart And I know that we won't ever part It's time, time for us to settle down And I wanna be with him forever They can say that I am crazy For making him my baby But that's how it's gon' be See, I done been through many changes But this one, I ain't changing This one's staying the same I can have everything in this world But I sacrificed it all for him And I made up my mind I'm in love this time And it feels so real [chorus] [bridge] I love you And all of the things that you do Oh baby, please I need you (I need you) So believe me (I do) I do (ooh) Cause I love you (I love you) And every little thing, baby (you do) No, no, ooh, whoa, ooh They don't know how I feel Cause I know this is real [chorus 2x]

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