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The facial muscles of the bracelet's owner are asymmetrically scretched. His mouth is closed, compressed from the weight of anxiety. As for his black optic sensors, they are casting sparks in the dim luminosity of the room. An electric storm of thoughts is raging inside them. For a long moment, his contact with the external environment is broken. The kind face of his procreator managed to sneak through the unguarded gates of his mind, gradually changing, turning into a frozen mask of illness and horror. She is not alone. She has brought along a company of loathsome statues and deformities! Moments of agony pass before he manages to escape the grasp of the nightmare. Fortunately, there are more comfortable memories to hold. His first meeting with Gaia for example...

Muzica An Electric Storm Of Thoughts versuri asculta descarca asculta album ultima melodie ultima melodie. Melodia ultima melodie versuri cuvintele muzica straina Chaostar

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