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i'm living is the usa i don't care for the package it's selling make it shine, make it shine do you think it could increase the market share if we raise the american flag you're talking about the usa a sign of the times don't you get me wrong it's a wonderful place to live we got freedom, we got rights friday night fights i'm living in the usa i won't swear on that bible pushin' sellin' good old boys, good old boys try to tell us all what's good for our children getting bored all day in school, make it right, make it right they can take the food right out of your mouth it's okay, your pride and salvation spread the news across the nation i'm living in the usa i don't care, on my front door celebrate the reconstruction of the statue of liberty show your fear, sergeant's in charge that's the american way! they can justify anything they do it's alright as long as they're waving the red, white and blue

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