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stumbling from the alleyway walking a vulture, or is the vulture walking you? mumbling for a driver for your toothless limousine, holding that diamond leash like the sabertooth queen. gurgling for a chariot to the twilight ball, to get back you'll have to crawl. smile big now through that kaleidoscope cut, blush blush blush to earn that crush. you're married to the vultures. back at home you just want to be alone but pick up the phone cause i'm listening to every word you say! i'm in your vultures beak as he turns his head to speak, he says now oh teen ruby queen, give us a scream! do you know the difference between a memory and fog? and do you know the difference between a laugh and a sob? cause for all your charms and graces you're not hollywood starlet you're just a fuck film harlot. when you said eternal life what you meant was eternal head and now all your suitors wish you were dead. you know there's nothing like a breath of fresh air, or tentacles in your hair, or the dead stare of a sagging skull! you're married married married to the vultures baby. so polish that poison snatch, you know it ain't gonna last much longer.

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