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(LeBon, Rhodes, Taylor) It's a little bit late now, But there's times you will get a little bit out of hand Making all of a spill And if we can lay this down you're going all the way Take a look and I'll check it out, Cause I can always find it Such a lonely place... Ooooh This room without your face... Ooooh Ooooooh...American Science All night long she can two-step and sway's such awful manners Don't keep me waiting come and lie beside me. A little megalomania becomes you evidently There ain't a thing you can't acquire with your cling-wrap Plaything just look at this state, I crawl around in a daze, like symptomatic case of your soul persuasion Such a lonely place... Ooooh This room without your face... Ooooh (chorus)'s a little bit later now, There's times you will, let it all get out of hand When you feel you feel I just switched on the operation. Such a lovely face... Ooooh And pulls me into place ... Ooooh (chorus) to fade

Versurile piesa Rock versuri versuri American Science versurile Duran Duran cantece muzica straina melodiei. Album piesa cuvinte descarca descarca.

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