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Daddy says Come and sit on my knee Daddy says You're the only girl for me 'Cos Amelia, You're Daddy's favourite girl Amelia, Daddy loves his little girl Daddy comes in the dark of night Daddy say Don't be scared, it'll be alright Amelia, Daddy hates to see you cry Amelia, You're the apple of Daddy's eye Daddy says Dry your tears and give me a smile Daddy says If you're good I'll hold you awhile 'Cos Amelia, You're Daddy's precious girl Amelia, Daddy loves to love his little girl Daddy, tell me Daddy, Is this really love? Daddy says Don't tell Mama what I did to you Daddy says If you do I'll beat you black and blue 'Cos Amelia, You make Daddy feel like a man Amelia, Daddy loves you more than Mummy can Daddy, tell me, Daddy How can you call this love? Amelia Damn your Daddy to hell

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