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The time has come, You抮e really leavinYou always told me that You wanted to I guess I never thought It would happen I guess I never really wanted it to The world is calling you and You must answer But you can take me with you In you drams If you ever get back to Amarillo In a shiny new car or Worn out shoes If you ever get back to Amarillo I抣l be waitinfor you Your sister told me you were workinAt some office out in Tinsel town Don抰 forget about those who Love you They抣l be there for you if you Get down I believe in you and all you抮e after I hope you end up where you Want to be Chorus Thirty years now have Gone by quickly I still think of you from time to time My wife died early, I抳e got children I抦 happy and my health is fine I often wondered if you found your Freedom I sometimes wonder if I should Have gone Chorus versuri cuvintele versurile Amarillo asculta versuri album muzica straina melodia asculta. Versurile Alan Jackson melodia cuvinte.

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