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I want to start things out by giving testimony Cause one of my friends got ill seriously Now the doctor told him ain't no way you gone' live But he prayed his prayer in faith And a miracle appeared Chorus: Its already alright,Its already alright And all you got to do is Just bow your head down Just bow and pray And then give it all up And know everything's gonna be okay Just throw your hands up And then wave them left to right And now do your dance child Cause its alright already Always surrounded by negativity This might be where I live But it ain't gonna change me Gotta work on my mind And keep my actions pure And when I stumble, I know who has the cure So any time your feeling down Just lift your voice in praise It'll pick you right up And you can come to Him don't be afraid Anytime , day or night He can give you what you need And if you pray your prayer in faith And in your heart believe that Chorus: When life's problems get you down Can't find no peace nowhere around Trust in the spirit you can't see Its bout to bring you your relief Go ahead and cry now , Its alright Cause now you're cryin tears of joy This life ain't hurting you no more Cause you know its already alright Chorus

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