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She had Screeching Weasel Playing on her radio Her windows down she looked at me and then she waved hello I smiled back and thought about The time when my dad said There'd be a lightning bolt And it'll hit you some day And I've never felt that way That's when we met and I knew That we would stay together From that moment on but I Messed up and I know I was Wrong I miss that smile when I'd sing her a song I feel so Alone cause now It's all gone She's always talking in her sleep I realize now more than before That I'm for her and she's for me I know that her and me can't Be hurt by this tragedy The way she'd laugh and cry And look me in the eyes and Feel the same way as I do I'm here all alone there's no one Around but I'm being blinded By the sound of her voice Sitting here on the ground I'm laughing out loud Realizing how stupid I am And I know I was wrong I miss That smile when I'd sing her A song I feel so alone cause Now it's all gone Sometimes I'd like to try to Try moving on without you Maintaining composure is so Hard to do confrontations are Hard when your hearts filled With doubt and I can't seem To form a sentence with these Marbles in my mouth muzica descarca cuvinte cuvinte album cuvintele. Alone Never Heard Of It cantece versuri ultima melodie muzica straina album versuri cuvinte.

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