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Hey, baby, I'm tired of livin' a double life... I: He lives with you but you need me He sleeps with, you think of me He touches you down, then you think it's me When you call my name, babe, I'll be there I will be there... Refren: And nobody has to know With you, babe, I share my world You don't have to prove your love I can really give your soul (your soul is mine !) All of my dreams, all of my wishes, all that I have I can give any thought to you Cause you are the best thing I've ever had. II: You say to me 'One day you'll be (all mine, all mine)' You will be mine and I will be yours Till the end of time (You don't need a second man, you don't need a second plan) I don't need a second man, When you call my name, babe, I'll be there (I will be there...) Refren(x2):.. muzica straina asculta mp3 In-verso & Sofia versuri versuri cuvintele. ultima melodie mp3 All that I have piesa ultima melodie.

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