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[Chorus] All the thugs in the clubs get your cris on ice Ladies in the club shake your body like dice My kind of jam so we're doing it right Yo, who got the inflow keeping it tight Lisa Maffia Remember i told you, I'm a soldier Drop this in the club and it's all over It's all over It's all over Tonight leave out the crib with the Gucci prize Christian Dior boots, Fendi life Then be my girls roll up in the night Outside the club security tight Skip through the queue to the door on the right Up on the floor by the bar what do you like Time out bezzel techno ice I'm in the wrong room this is techno night Into room two playing joints i like Breakers being Harlem shaking all night And if you're in the mood grip left and right Party all night we don't want to fight Solid we buy bars for the crew in sight In the VIP Dready be bringing the vibes One glass of verve two shots of ice Ladies shake your ass all night

Melodia versuri melodiei cuvinte descarca asculta. Asculta muzica straina cuvintele All over Lisa Maffia album versuri versurile cuvintele mp3.

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