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I saw you laughin' at pictures in magazines, Starlings from way back when you were a kid And like everyone did you worshipped them till the end Then two albums later came short - haired invaders And Flannel kicked Leather's ass You cursed what you knew was once to be true And tried to light Metal with gas And the Poseurs are now laughing As the Circle of Fads spins again And now you dress like my old math teacher Starling - I remember Metal Kings Starling - Don't forget the Metal Kings Hey, were you guessin' that this history lesson Would not have a chapter for me? Yes it's true, I'm not terribly cool But I don't have a plan to be All the new Poisons just have different toys And they all play their part perfectly Albeit cooler, my Rockathon Ruler measures a small victory Nothing's ever wrong that's real And fakebooks can't show you how to feel But it's over for me on the day my stomach's full JADED! And they'll say that we're not cool enough When fashion has left us behind And we'll just laugh and forget what year it is cuvinte muzica Ultimate Fake Book muzica straina. Versuri piesa piesa cuvinte All The New Poisons asculta versuri muzica ultima melodie mp3 album mp3 mp3.

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