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Versuri All I Want

So early morning when you come to me Comfort me Stop rewind and... Play back that melody No early warning when you come to me Comfort me I don't know 'cause I've been told I just believe You don't want to work 'cause it never works out You don't want to talk 'cause words get out Words get around All I want is to Bring you back to love I've got, you've got, we've gotta give it to the One who made me So sweetly coming back to memory Done for me I've got something that you won't believe But you don't want to come 'cause you'll never come around You don't want to love 'cause you never learned Never learned how All I have is all I need All you need is what you see

Descarca melodia cuvintele album. Sanctus Real All I Want versuri muzica asculta album descarca album muzica straina cuvinte versuri muzica.

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