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This skin it fits me well See how it's bronzed by this yellow sun The taste, the touch, and the smell It's easier when no one here lives long enough to bore me I know somewhere out there She's calling from the cold side of the moon Saying son I think it's time to come home (But I don't want to go) If you think you thought you saw me Would you go on, and on, and on, and on about me Or would you call the F.B.I? Who are you going to tell When there is no one like you left here? You're going to bow to the one with the shiny ray gun I'm so cool Yeah I'm cool like that Watch your step... Mama says I can eat anybody I want Gather up your toys This skin it fits me well See how it's bronzed by this yellow sun

Muzica straina versurile versuri versuri muzica. Melodia melodia Far Too Jones asculta cuvintele Alien Playground melodiei melodiei cuvinte cantece cantece.

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