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You were just twenty years old When you were run down by a car We were all deeply filled with sadness When we were told of your death You always were a happy person But respect for death It was shown in your lifestyle Tell us about your trip into eternity After I was supposedly dead I heard a loud humming I moved very fast Through a long dark tunnel I felt blackness and darkness Then I found myself outside Of my own body, but still close by And I observed the attempt revive me I experienced eternity at first Just as I had always thought it would be Angels, ghosts and other creatures came They greeted me and showed me the way The picture faded, more nd more And the angels lost their wings A light appeared, the true light An unbeleivably bright, white light I landed on a big lawn And felt the pure joys of life Saw a lot of my relatives And I was taken through the 'hall of memories' I had to evaluate my life And I came to a gate The boundary between the life on earth And the new life, yet to come I must return to my physical body And try to live my earthly life Through this experience my life is touched My outlook on death and on life Death is a second birth into the invisible astral world From where the soul stepped down into a visible body

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