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She calls me up says she's comin over So I run home (oooh-ooh) Just to wait around She calls me names Then we play some mind games And I don't know (oooh-ooh) But I think I like it Now she's the only one Who blocks my number And she's the only one call CHORUS: (Yeah, oh yeah) What's wrong with me? (Yeah, oh yeah) Why can't I see? (Yeah, oh yeah) I'm so addicted to you...and you're such a dick to me She flies me out Got a big surprise planned In Chicago (oooh-ooh) That's my kinda town She says she's been a hoe Had to let me know On the Jerry Springer Show CHORUS guitar solo I wrap myself Around her little finger And she gives me the middle one CHORUS She calls and I come runnin' back I call, she never calls me back What's wrong with me I'm so addicted to you...and you're such a dick to me asculta album. Addicted Lit asculta muzica straina descarca versuri versuri.

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