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Versuri Adagio (eng)

I don't know where to find you I don't know how to reach you I hear your voice in the wind I feel you under my skin Within my heart and my soul I wait for you Adagio All of these nights without you All of my dreams surround you I see and I touch your face I fall into your embrace When the time is right, I know You'll be in my arms Adagio I close my eyes and I find a way No need for me to pray I've walked so far I've fought so hard Nothing more to explain I know all that remains Is a piano that plays If you know where to find me If you know how to reach me Before this light fades away Before I run out of faith Be the only man to say That you'll hear my heart That you'll give your life Forever you stay Don't let this light fade away, no, no, no, no Don't let me run out of faith Be the only man to say That you believe Make me believe You won't let go Adagio

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