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When the spirits of dark take over my soul I feel the night is alive As I walk under the full moon my inner darkness shall arise The ancient ones who ruled the earth will be released tonight Night everfrozen, evercold The strongest evil shows it's signs Gates will open, blood will flow It's time for total war Disciples of light are praying for the one who is here no more My devotion to Lord in darkness is now eternal and strong As my visions are taking me to the truth I see all I've been taught is wrong Burning shadows, frozen souls Burned witches at their thrones This night will be the final one for those who oppose the return of the darkened kingdom Ones who have been true to the Prince of Darkness shall now be rewarded Age of darkness will arise from the depths of underworld and shall prevail now and for all times after... Frozen earth, burning souls Bow ye all Lord Satan's throne See again the christ crucified By the lords of the nightside In the glaze of the burning heaven I see the armies arrive Angels of darkness, legions in black Warriors of the evil side The seven gates have now been opened to bring the eternal fire Mountains of flesh, lakes of blood Fulfill my dark desires Now I'll face the eternal winter The sun has burned from the sky Satan's reign is here at last Now watch as Jesus dies, see the beauty of crimson mist The end of christianity What they never could believe now became reality Ad Noctum...

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