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All you can hope for is To make a slight connection with All these clogged receptors it's Not getting any better by the look of it No people just numbers If you had your way The world would be Just a market a fucking market The meaning is lost when You put a price tag on it Well I bought it we all bought it Warm greetings cold dismissals It's all part of this game we play I don't need it we don't need it You put on your best face That condescending smile makes me sick I see through it we all see through it I know now all you want To reap the benefit of the loss Well I took it we all took it Your intentions transparent And only now that it's too late I regret it I regret it

Muzica straina Accesible Losses cuvintele Darkest Hour album cuvintele. Cuvintele muzica muzica album cuvintele versuri versuri.

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