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Versuri About an hour ago (the gas was low)

There was a man on the road bout an hour ago and he was looking for a ride to New Mexico Well we was driving by Way too fast to know Well then we got to the place on a high speed chase There was a girlie in the corner with a plastic face And then she disappeared without a trace I say without a trace Well now we're kicking back and we're sipping beers And there's a man telling stories about his inner fears We was all choked up and too close to tears Well then we moved on up to some margaritas And we started making faces at the senoritas Playing drinking games, but they were all too drunk to beat us Well now, my car broke down about an hour ago We were heading on down to New Mexico, But, well we did not see the gas was low

Versuri About an hour ago (the gas was low) muzica straina melodia cuvinte mp3 versuri cuvintele asculta. ultima melodie album O.A.R. cuvinte.

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