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In a world Where we think That we've seen Everything In a world Where we think That we rise above All things In a time That is so fast You have to run So you won't get lost In a time That is so loud You have to scream To get recognised In a land Where you must fight For a little Fragement Of human right In a system That uses war To spread its spirit Around the globe A religion That uses hate To plug its message Into your brain A revolution That turns back time Forgets what we have Learned to be I'd like to say I have to say You...don't know nothin' You...don't know nothin' about You...don't know nothin' You...don't know nothin' at all A public Where shoes do shine And money beats Respect for life In a world That is cleaned Of all secrets That nature kept A public Where death's reduced To be excitement In late night news In a time Where children learn To ignore the world Around them

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