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You dig down underground now Through the soil, through the cooling clay As the din fades above you Youââ¬â¢re moving Youââ¬â¢re secret Youââ¬â¢re nowhere Itââ¬â¢s all good And no lights lead you onwards No signs point you on your way Just earth in all directions Itââ¬â¢s endless Itââ¬â¢s mapless No compass No north star Youââ¬â¢re all gone ââ¬Ëcause they canââ¬â¢t find you Youââ¬â¢re lost ââ¬Ëcause they donââ¬â¢t know the way They blame themselves they blame each other Theyââ¬â¢re angry Theyââ¬â¢re sorry Theyââ¬â¢re worried You donââ¬â¢t care The shovels scrape somewhere up there They just want to know if youââ¬â¢re OK Morse code tapped with hammers You hear it You know it Ignore it Youââ¬â¢re on your way Oh, but at some point youââ¬â¢ve gotta come up for air You wipe the rocks and mud and dirt out of your hair Youââ¬â¢re blind and queasy with a growing sense of despair You donââ¬â¢t know anyone You look around trying to find someone you know You put your hand up in the air Just kinda wave hello But if they do care, oh, theyââ¬â¢re not letting it show This canââ¬â¢t be new to you Thereââ¬â¢s a feeling coming back Connected by a thread Pulling at your hands like a spider web Like a kite that isnââ¬â¢t thereââ¬Â¦ If itââ¬â¢s a life of possibilities That pulls you away that claws and tears And challenges you to stay, well, then If itââ¬â¢s a life of possibilities That youââ¬â¢ve gotta live then Donââ¬â¢t be surprised when they donââ¬â¢t remember you Or simply donââ¬â¢t want to, yea yea yeaââ¬Â¦

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