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Versuri A Day On The Town

Summer in London, watery sunshine, A place in the city where I can go sometimes. To get on a red bus and go anywhere, See all the sights and not pay the fare, Summer in London. Chip on your shoulder, chips in your mouth, Can you see the old lady, with tickets to tout. Getting the tourists into their traps, Taking their money, the shirts off their backs, Summer in London. To get in a taxi and go anywhere, Jump out at the park and not pay the fare. Watch Speakers Corner, listen to their talk, Eating their ice creams, going for a walk. Summer in London, the weather man said, Waking up late, got to get out of bed. So much to do, got to go everywhere A day on the town and not pay the fare. Riots in London.

A Day On The Town asculta melodia muzica straina. Cuvinte descarca Madness versuri cantece versuri cantece album descarca

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