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(screams) You see the shit he's got, yeh yeh And then it starts, a trip of a lifetime Our spaceship up against yours A war on drugs will surely bring... (screams) You see how high I've got, yeh yeh The troops kicked off, the trip of a lifetime Will lovers see it clearly? But you'll be wrong, or I do A day of drugs and religion! Ah, ah, ah, ah I'm drifting in a blackness of ideas (screams) Rebel! Rebel! Rebel! I'm drifting in a vacuum of (screams) Rebel! Rebel! Ah, ah, ah, ah Woo! Yeh! muzica straina versuri ultima melodie ultima melodie Rock asculta piesa cantece. Melodiei A Day Of piesa cuvintele melodiei cuvinte Biffy Clyro versuri ultima melodie melodiei.

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