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Everybody knows him he is a pleaser Nothing else than just a teaser Teaser of his own faint smile Yes and how he is so amusing Smiling can be so consuming And so strange to explain Oh I know how I think I might Have known of you somehow and What your name was Lke another man in many ways he is not Like life itself a mystery or two Hey Mr. Pleaser can you smile for me Yes and how many times he hasn't Spoken just to please not to displease Please her if you please Oh I know how his life resembles Yours and you somehow are like him. I see I have been too good for you You know he is like me Pleasing you and now, and now all You do is wish I was more and more like him If so would you consider keeping me closer I know, I know if I was ... He turns his head and doesn't see you But when he does he looks and greets you how are you and good luck !! And so I call myself a pleaser This time sitting on a secret One secret now everybody knows

Muzica straina album versuri muzica muzica ultima melodie cuvinte. Versuri ultima melodie asculta Blonde Redhead A Cure muzica asculta melodia cuvintele versurile descarca.

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