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Get High, Get High Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that weed Get High, Get High Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that weed [Mr. Shadow] I feelin Irry come and try me You can look all around but you can't find me With my shadow right behind me, blowin it up Every where that I go Gs givin me love Smoke a dub in a blunt cause it ain't no thing How can you be a playa if you got no game, put you to shame Around here we maintain, if you wanna sport platinum and roll wit some wood grey If you can't hang, then stop botherin Bitch my kind of weed will have you fallin and slobberin Me and Maddness, smokin I ain't jokin Come in the studio and peep the bong that I'm holdin Rollin in a V12, you can't blame me and Big Jess for lovin wealth Oh hell, I'm bout to mix it With canibuseteva straight fuckin me up [Chorus] It's about 4:20, got plenty weed Stayin high as can be, fuckin wit the T-H-C You know me, bomb weed smokin til I D-I-E [Maddness] it's Maddness with a bomb tweet alert It's 4:20 on the clock, Shadow's on the glock So you know we bomb smokin, Chron Don blowin Rich Line stolen, we residental rollin Shadow got the bomb after twistin, I'm the Don High off the bomb bay, Madness representin the Chron smokers 909 way 619 days and nights, got my eyes tight Surely stack and don't hate Madness down wit Shadow from a thug's place My versatility a different page and different state Street light stays green and I'm thinkin trees A roll a J, call Fingaz it's time to spit heat It's 4:20 on the clock, blunt's lit so I feel top notch Cheif rollin til my life stops, bomb smokin just the same Shadow, Maddness mad blaze [Chorus] [Mr. Shadow] Ah shit, me and Maddness Stay hella high, man take a little X Never stress on you twenty bag slangers And I never sell yay to a stranger, danger danger Fuckin wit a fool you don't know, specially comin from D-I-E-G-O So Cal, peep out my Vocal [Why] In America's finest we gettin loked out Get High, Get High, Get High, Get High Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that weed [Chorus]

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