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Hey, everybody Won't you just look around Can't anybody see? Just what's going down Can't you take the time? Just to feel Just to feel what is real If you do Then you'll see that we got a raw deal They're killing everybody I wish it weren't true They say we got to make war Or the economy will fall But if we don't stop We won't be around no more They're ruining this world For you and me The big heads of state Won't let us be free They made the rules once But it didn't work out Now we must try again Before they kill us off No more dying! No more killing No more dying No more fighting We don't want to die No, we don't want to die Please let's change it all Please let's make it all Good for the present And better for the future Let's just love one another Let's show peace for each other We can make it happen Let's just make it happen We can change this world Please, let's change this world Please Let's make it happen for our children For our women Change the world Please make it happen Come on Come on Please Come on It's up to me It's up to you So let's do it now Yeah, do it now

Chicago muzica versuri muzica straina versuri melodiei piesa cuvinte. Melodiei 3rd movement piesa piesa piesa.

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