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right, thats all it is right two eight days in the mother fucking house you know you get fresh within the stomach without its like D.O.P.E and my name is Jay but you can call me super yeah 28 Days your fired up getting busy get your head pumping right in the fucking house and the crowd is like thumping melt a little wax and now that is a fact and you know I get fatter I don't ya think I would know that that's all it is right his name is herbert now be don't be so wacked he'll try to come on till his mad at his axe on his bass as he kicks it till he fucks up the mix triple the help with a funky bass richer or we got the fat part on drums and you know it if there's a cover up so that you know he will throw it  if there's a hook up you know that he'll fold his a bottle with a fat axe I know he won't blow it right, that's all it is right were crew 2 8 D A Y S crew 2 8 D A Y S crew 2 8 D A Y S

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