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On the TV there's a picture frame with two separate photos in it My two sisters that's just about the closest they've been My folks will tell you they've been that way forever I can't remember the last time they were in the same room together You'll hear stories about how they used to fight Screaming slamming doors keep the neighbors up at night And me their evil baby child brother Just about the last thing they have in common with each other Two sisters everything is awkward, tense Don't know each other and it doesn't make sense at all Two sisters both led lives extreme Tried to erase any similarities Married, single, secure, a floating balloon Tried to forget the fact that they both came from the same womb Two sisters a deadly combination Avoid it at all costs it's not worth the frustration Maybe a brother and a sister would be best for all Two sisters had so much in common Now they don't know each other at all You thought that they'd grow closer with age You were mistaken, they'll go to their graves apart Not regretting what they didn't do Never missing the sister that they never knew Maybe the friendly sibling myth is a scam I don't know any siblings that walk around holding hands Maybe we all expect too much of them Not only to be sisters but also to be friends Maybe two sisters need to fight scream and weep Maybe if two sisters don't fight Then two sisters will never speak Keep your theories and parent psychology It doesn't hold with me A frame with two separate photos in it Is the closest that my two sisters have been A frame with two separate photos in it Is the closest that my two sisters have been A frame with two separate photos in it A frame with two separate photos in it

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