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It was years ago, the memory I still hold onto is the thought of us two, remember how we, went too quickly, held on tightly but we weren't so lucky. In my driveway, where we parted softly, locked up, left out in the freezing night breeze. The morning after, came silenced laughter, the man in blue said it best. You were only 14 when we went our seperate ways, broke down and stranded it all went wrong that day. Remember when we, on 513, the sun was gone and it was raining. You went swimming, strarted drowning, I tried to save you but we weren't so lucky. The triple A, came that day too you from me, took you away. The morning after, silenced laughter, the man in blue said it best. ultima melodie cantece cuvintele muzica straina. Album 1984 melodia descarca Face First mp3 melodiei versuri muzica versuri versurile cuvintele muzica.

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