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you you try you try to get by you're never going to pull it off you shouldn't even try you're a wet ciagarette you're always second best but they're never going to give a shit about anybody but themselves so you fight for them to realize there's more to life there's more to you there's more than meets the eye and when you're done the battle's been won you sit back, you smile and this is what you hum you hum: whoa-oh ....12341234.... the years go by the time it does fly every single second is a moment in time that passes oh, so quick and it seems like nothing but when you're looking back well it amounts to everything I've got myself I've got my friends I've got my little family but that's not where it ends this one goes out to you it goes out to everyone it's in the name of honesty because life has just begun whoa-oh ....12341234.... look around little brother can you tell me what you see? you're a big boy now so take responsibility you never had it hard but now it's getting tough so you whine whine whine and you say you've had enough you say I'm full of shit? that I'm a hypocrite? I shouldn't talk when I cant take the advice that I give? well maybe you're right but open your eyes the main difference is that I try try try whoa-oh ....12341234....

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