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Once upon(from opon) a time Two, two hearts felt the same way, But three, three, three nights ago You told me you don't know (which(from wich)way) Which (from wich) way you (from ya) gonna go. (Ohhhh) Truth ain't easy but please, please, please (from please,please) me It's time you made up your mind (I don't wanna cry don't wanna be treated like a loser (from treated unfair now)) (Chorus (from chours)) 1,2,3 (from 1,2.3) You're (from your) fallin' in love with me I'm falling into your life (Your life) (Faster than the speed of light) And 1,2,3 you don't want to hear from me But if it can't be like before (from before!) (Tell me) (from tell me) Tell me what love is for So fly just fly (from flied)away And don't think that I can't take it (Hoohoo(from hoohoo) Cause you, you, you outta know That if you (from ya) let me go (You throw) (from ya throw) You're (from your) gonna (from gonnoa) throw it all away (Ohhh) (from ohhh) Truth ain't easy, but please, please, please me It's time you made up your mind (I don't wanna cry, don't wanna be treated like a loser(from treated unfair now)) (Chorus) Chorus Repeated (1-2-3)

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