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Versuri Wish In This World

One little gutter town 3:00 in the morning • I whispered these words I believed • Said leave me alone girl • I'm so tied down and broken • It's too late it's too late to save me • Ain't no wish in this world slight of this moment • No dream I could dream that comes near • No heaven or hope that comes near • No wish in this world except you right here • It's cold and it's dark and I'm sure it makes you crazy • Runnin' to grass so green • Dangerous road but it's not going to change me • Paved with 10 million broken dreams • Chorus • Sometimes I feel it's the end of the ride • Like distant water the well keeps running dry • Chorus • And you right here • And you right here…

Muzica Edwin McCain muzica straina asculta versuri Wish In This World cantece descarca. Melodiei descarca asculta cantece versuri melodiei cantece descarca asculta.

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