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Another beautiful morning under stars and bars • And F series pickups and rusted out cars • And they're eating breakfast at the strip bar • Just to have a peek… • And the beer soaked angels spread their wings • And dream of twenties and diamonds and things • And somehow that might ease the sting • Of the company they keep • Yeah… • And the vets still talk about the tet offensive • And the freshmen boys all look so pensive • Because living large is so expensive • Hope daddy fueled the jet… • And we'll all fly out to the Hard Rock casino • And we'll put on our neatly pressed and fine chinos • And we'll laugh at the guy in the El Camino • Is that the only car he could get? • It's a beautiful life • It's just as advertised • It's all for one low price • Just read the fine print, and you'll be content • With your beautiful life • And record smoothies say What a sound • You're the greatest thing we've found • But you're gonna have to lose a few pounds • We're gonna put you on TV • And don't think our place is so swank • Don't worry about that guy, he's high on crank • That's exactly why his last record tanked • And let that be a lesson to me • Chorus • And all our churches glow • Communion wafers trash TV shows • Say Hey, at least you don't have this strife • 'Cause you'll be warm and safe • In your beautiful life • Yeah…• And it's hard to tell what's true compassion • When it's dressed up in hair and nails and fashion • And the tabloids all rush to cash in on what we should believe • And I hope I never see the day • When there's nothing left on the planet left to save • And oxygen is the designer crusade • As we all fight to breathe…• Chorus

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