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Slippin’ down the road of romance Don’t get caught in a hit and run When your love is fallin’ too fast I know a straight up way to go You don’t have to lose control [Chorus] Get up on solid ground my friend Jesus is rock solid, depend on Him Get up on solid ground my friend Jesus is rock solid, He’ll be with you ‘till the end Your faith and trust is shaken ‘Cause friends will let you down Your heroes fall you feel forsaken I know a friend who’ll be around He will never let you down. [Chorus] [Rap] I look to my left, I look to my right I’m surrounded by darkness But still hold the light Yeah it’s a fight, but God as my might That’s how I know everything is alright You say your marriage is crumblin’ Your mate has left you Well, this is my advice on what you should do Cast it on Jesus because He knows Like before we know How our lives should go So don’t worry be happy just like the song There’s always joy at the end of a storm Be reborn into Jesus and expect a squeeze But the battles like fought down on your knees So would you please [Chorus/rap] Hold on tight You’re almost through the night You gotta walk by faith and not by sight From dusk to dawn your name will be exalted Man what you call it, rock solid.

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