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Versuri Dangerous Ground

I’m lookin’ for a way out Which way did I come in Why do you find me taking your love for granted again I didn’t want to hurt you Guess I always wanted to know But now I’m certain that I would be a fool To ever let you go Cause I believe in you Won’t you believe in me [Chorus] Whenever I walk on dangerous ground Whenever I lose my way Whenever I call you’re there to lift me up Bringing me back in your arms Once more I’m making no excuses I don’t have the power I should But being without you a moment longer Would do no good So tell me where I’m going wrong I’m willing to make a start Don’t want to be the one who could ever break your heart Cause I believe in you Won’t you believe in me [Chorus]

Cantece Crystal Lewis cuvintele asculta. Dangerous Ground muzica straina cantece muzica versuri versuri cuvinte album album.

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