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In Southern Mexico You forget just why you came You run to Northern California But, you forget to change your name But, when I get to New York City It won’t matter none of this will change Ten thousand miles and running All these songs will remain the same [CHORUS] Just take your time Your life is just beginning You are all grown up Wanting for the other side Just take you time I will always be there waiting On the other side Wanting for the other side Inside my worried mind I wonder why I’m here And all the questions that I ask myself The answers are never clear I can’t believe that it’s all over I don’t know where to begin I’ve got to outrun these shadows Feel the sun on my face again… my friend [CHORUS] I thought I knew them I thought they were my friends Well I must be crazy It never ends…it never ends No, we are not the same We are so far apart And the distance felt between us Is in the heart….you know it’s true [CHORUS] Just take your time…

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