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Versuri The Only One

Everybody at the party’s so lonely In a room full of strangers Everybody knows me And everybody’s so plastic Fools tryin’ to fit in Rejection is tragic And when you’re all alone It seems like nothing is real Everybody wants control Nobody knows how I should feel [CHORUS] I’m slipping away I feel like giving up And I’m not the only one I feel like such a creep Where do I fit in I’m not the only one No, I am not like you I’m not the only one So many things that I’ve done I regret So much drama in my life That I wish I could forget But my tattooed skin won’t let me Feels like my so-called friends They’re all out to get me And when you’re all alone… [CHORUS] (Nobody knows how I should feel) I CAN’T TAKE IT (I am slipping away)… It feels like nothing is real Nobody knows how I should feel [CHORUS] I’m not the only one…

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