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Versuri Look At Me

I got a one hundred-dollar bill It’s all shiny, crisp, and clean And it’s burning a hole in the pocket of my jeans I think I’ll spend it on some pills Instead of gasoline I don’t see any kind of fun in coming clean Pick me up and watch me fall And do it all again I ain’t got no sense at all I like pissing in the wind and on my dreams Look at me (chorus) Look at me I’m on my way down So close now I can almost see the ground Yeah another night another town Set em up I’ll knock em down Workin' on sympathy Look at me Hey bartender another round This one’s on mine Let’s see how many friends I can buy in just a little time See the girl at the bar Tell her I’m somebody and I got a fast car I’m in room 331 with a bottle of wine Tell I’m a superstar She won’t give it a second chance Tell that I play guitar but I never learned how to dance And here’s my key Yeah look at me

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