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You say you will, but you never do Kind of gettin’ tired of lookin’ through you Got a lot on your mind, but not as much as I’ve had on mine When you got everything You don’t know what it’s like to lose But everything is nothing when your neck’s inside the noose When it choked you out and it fades to black Leaves you wishing you could take it all back It don’t matter if it’s wrong or right, it don’t matter if you sleep at night It don’t matter how much you pray, you’ll get yours come Judgement Day (chorus) Everything comes back around No matter how much you cover your ground You spend your whole life running from your sins Runnin’ a race you ain’t ever gonna win Gonna catch up to you in the end Got holes in your story, got a monkey on your back One foot in the grave and you’re caught in a trap With a fallin’ down curtain that you can’t stop An iron in the fire that you didn’t mean to drop When you live in a house that’s made of glass Don’t throw stones cause your walls will fall fast As those walls come crashing down Look at the pieces scattered on the ground Pick up the ones that you can find Try to put them together but you’re runnin’ out of time (chorus) Broke down and you’re all alone A blade of guilt cuts you to the bone Think by now you’d have turn and run But you can’t cross a bridge you’ve burned (chorus) You know that you can’t run forever my friend

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