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Versuri Queen

  1. versuri A human body
  2. versuri You Take My Breath Away
  3. versuri You And I
  4. versuri Who wants to be forever
  5. versuri Who wants to live forever
  6. versuri White Queen (As It Began)
  7. versuri Who Needs You
  8. versuri White queen
  9. versuri White queen ( as it began )
  10. versuri White Man
  11. versuri We Will Rock You
  12. versuri We are the champions
  13. versuri Was it all worthy
  14. versuri Was It All Worth It
  15. versuri Under pressure
  16. versuri Too much love will kill you
  17. versuri To much love will kill you
  18. versuri Tie your mother down
  19. versuri These Are The Days Of Our Lives
  20. versuri This is the world we created
  21. versuri The night comes down
  22. versuri The Show Must Go On
  23. versuri The Millionaire Waltz
  24. versuri The miracle
  25. versuri The march of the black queen
  26. versuri The Loser In The End
  27. versuri The Invisible Man
  28. versuri The Hero
  29. versuri The Hitman
  30. versuri The great pretender
  31. versuri Teo torriate (let us cling together)
  32. versuri Thank god is christmas
  33. versuri Tenement Funster
  34. versuri Sweet lady
  35. versuri Tear It Up
  36. versuri Stone cold crazy
  37. versuri Staying Power
  38. versuri Step On Me
  39. versuri Spread your wings
  40. versuri Son And Daughter
  41. versuri Somebody to love
  42. versuri Some day one day
  43. versuri Sleeping On The Sidewalk
  44. versuri Sheer Heart Attack
  45. versuri She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettoes)
  46. versuri She makes me ( stormtrooper in stilettos )
  47. versuri Seven Seas Of Rhye
  48. versuri Seaside Rendezvous
  49. versuri Scandal
  50. versuri Save Me
  51. versuri Sail Away Sweet Sister (to The Sister I Never Had)
  52. versuri Sail away sweet sister
  53. versuri Rock It (Prime Jive)
  54. versuri Ride The Wild Wind
  55. versuri Rain must fall
  56. versuri Radio Ga Ga
  57. versuri Queen too much love will kill you
  58. versuri Queen
  59. versuri Procession
  60. versuri Put out the fire
  61. versuri Polar Bear
  62. versuri Princes Of The Universe
  63. versuri Play The Game
  64. versuri Party
  65. versuri One Year Of Love
  66. versuri Pain is so close to pleasure
  67. versuri One vision
  68. versuri Ogre Battle
  69. versuri Nevermore
  70. versuri No one but you ( only the good die young )
  71. versuri NoOne But You (Only The Good Die Young)
  72. versuri Need Your Loving Tonight
  73. versuri My Melancholy Blues
  74. versuri My Life Has Been Saved
  75. versuri My Fairy King
  76. versuri My baby does
  77. versuri My Baby Does Me
  78. versuri My babe does me
  79. versuri Mustapha
  80. versuri Mother love
  81. versuri More of that jazz
  82. versuri Misfire
  83. versuri March Of The Black Queen
  84. versuri Man on the prowl
  85. versuri Made In Heaven
  86. versuri Mad The Swine
  87. versuri Machines (or back to humans)
  88. versuri Love Of My Life
  89. versuri Long away
  90. versuri Living on my own
  91. versuri Lily Of The Valley
  92. versuri Life Is Real (Song For Lennon)
  93. versuri Life is real ( song for lennon )
  94. versuri Liar
  95. versuri Let me live
  96. versuri Let Me Entertain You
  97. versuri Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
  98. versuri Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love)
  99. versuri Las palabras de amor
  100. versuri Killer queen
  101. versuri Killer
  102. versuri Khashoggis ship
  103. versuri Keep Yourself Alive
  104. versuri Keep passing the open windows
  105. versuri Jesus
  106. versuri Jealousy
  107. versuri Is This The World We Created
  108. versuri In the lap of the gods (revisited)
  109. versuri Innuendo
  110. versuri In Only Seven Days
  111. versuri In the lap of the gods
  112. versuri I want to break free
  113. versuri I Was Born To Love You
  114. versuri I Can Hear Music
  115. versuri I Go Crazy
  116. versuri I Want It All
  117. versuri Heaven
  118. versuri Heaven For Everyone
  119. versuri Hang on in there
  120. versuri Headlong
  121. versuri Hammer to fall
  122. versuri Great king rat
  123. versuri Good oldfashioned lover boy
  124. versuri Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
  125. versuri Good company
  126. versuri God Save The Queen
  127. versuri Going Back
  128. versuri Get down, make love
  129. versuri Gimme the prize
  130. versuri Get Down Make Love
  131. versuri Funny how love is
  132. versuri Friends Will Be Friends
  133. versuri Fun It
  134. versuri Flick of the wrist
  135. versuri Fight From The Inside
  136. versuri Father To Son
  137. versuri Drowse
  138. versuri Drowse (ending)
  139. versuri Earth
  140. versuri Fat bottemed girls
  141. versuri Fat Bottomed Girls
  142. versuri Driven by you
  143. versuri Dreamers Ball
  144. versuri Delilan
  145. versuri Doing all right
  146. versuri Dragon attack
  147. versuri Delilah
  148. versuri Death on two legs ( dedicated to... )
  149. versuri Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To )
  150. versuri Death on two legs
  151. versuri Dead On Time
  152. versuri Dear Friends
  153. versuri Crazy little thing called love
  154. versuri Dancer
  155. versuri Cool Cat
  156. versuri Coming soon
  157. versuri Calling You
  158. versuri Chinese Torture
  159. versuri Coal cat
  160. versuri Calling All Girls
  161. versuri Bring back that leroy brown
  162. versuri Brighton rock
  163. versuri Breakthru
  164. versuri Bohemium rhapsody
  165. versuri Bohemian rhapsody
  166. versuri Body language
  167. versuri Bohemian rapsody
  168. versuri Body langauge
  169. versuri Big bad caused a mighty fine sensation
  170. versuri Bijou
  171. versuri Blag
  172. versuri Body
  173. versuri Bicycle Race
  174. versuri Barcelona
  175. versuri Back chat
  176. versuri April Lady
  177. versuri Another one bites the dust
  178. versuri All dead, all dead
  179. versuri All Dead All Dead
  180. versuri A Kind Of Magic
  181. versuri Action this day
  182. versuri love is my love

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