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Versuri Wide eyed girl

She was a wide eyed girl Of a tender age. Just moving out of her sensitive phase. She said "I love you baby it's for always And I don't care what the teacher says." When she walked out Through the streets of Rome. All of the Italians wanna take her home All the brown little babies With the slicked back hair Sayin' "Prima amore... wow!" "I'm sayin' something Are ya listening to me?" "Don't you walk away when I'm Communicating with you!" "She's goin' clickin' clackin' Down the road in them high heeled shoes"! "Mona Lisa!!!"

Album melodia asculta ultima melodie asculta ultima melodie cuvinte. Muzica Wide eyed girl mp3 Eurythmics cuvinte versuri versuri cuvintele muzica straina.

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