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I can’t help but wonder And wandering in total dark And just about the time my eyes adjust they open up And find I’m blind You don’t want more But you can’t help but take and throw it out Whoever loves the least has all the power bottled up And won’t let it out When every ounce is drained its just about the worst that I have ever felt Whose side are you on..... I’m not out much But I’ve got everything I need for now And I don’t have to know what's going on along the windows other side Cause every day’s enough to make it to the witching hour still alive Whose side are you on... All around on the floor The living things are keeping me in my place I’m alive I want more I’m innocent I’m finally on my way Now I’m all for Finally getting up and getting out Cause now I’m fast becoming Finding out a little more about myself I've turned and what's more No more wandering in total dark When all the rank and file are waking up from scary dreams And screaming out Were all the missing puzzle pieces Scattered on the table like so many crumbs I’ve long ago forgotten them among a host of many other things That I can’t decide Whose side are you on...

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