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Versuri We All Fall Down

Arlis Albritton/Steven Dale Jones She says, you know the monkey bar rules As she kisses away his playground bruise You don’t have to skip a bar each time To make it to the other side She picked him up from out of the sand Then tied the shoelace that read, Superman Chorus We all fall down It’s the gettin’ back up that really counts We live and we learn To help someone up when it’s their turn In life there’s only one guarantee Your feet won’t always be on the ground ‘Cause we all fall down She says I know what you’re goin’ through As she talks to the door of her daughter’s room Your heart feels like it’s broken in two But, baby, I’m here for you The door opened and she stepped inside She put her arms around her and said, it’s ok to cry Repeat chorus He’s forty-five and his job is gone Cleans out his desk and he heads on home Sees his kids out playin’ in the yard It’s been a while since he’s been hit so hard He’s as scared as a man can be He tells his wife and she says, honey, look at me Repeat chorus We all fall down But you got to get back up

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