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Versuri Victim of love

she can take you anywhere she wants to she can show you things that make you weak she can make you think that you're the only one she can steal your heart with just one wink she'll hold you tight she won't let go she'll make it last put on a show she'll tell you things that you should not know 'cause you're the victim the victim of love framed by the night touched by the glove you're the victim the victim of love she can freeze you when she doesn't want to talk she can work it on in she can go take a walk she can have it or leave it she can do the skidoo you better believe it she's having fun on you when she's calling you out you better run to her when she's just falling out you better care when she needs somebody you better run to her when she gives in too soon it's just not fair descarca The Cars muzica straina. Cuvintele versuri album cantece cuvinte album asculta versurile mp3 album cantece Victim of love versuri.

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