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[M&L: Beretta] The demon awaits; he's laughing at Artan now A red sword in hand, in the eyes a burning fire [Bridge 1:] Into the Hall of Darkness The epic fight begins The pure of heart has taken the first blood But the evil one is ready for his attack [Bridge 2:] Though Artan does his best It may be just too hard [Chorus:] Until the end fights for the hope He doesn't know he's not aloneÿ It's not the sword, it is the heart He must rely on for the fight Artan's running all around Tryin' hard to trick the demon But his blows are far too weak He can wound, he cannot kill Kamen' sword is burning fire-he doesn't need to touch youÿ Coming close it is enough-to feel the deadly heat [Chorus] [Kamen:ÿ] How can you dare to challenge me? Are you insane or want to die? [Artan:] I won't let go, I won't surrender I'll give it all, also my lifeÿ [Kamen:] My power comes right from a god My fate's to rule, I am the Oneÿ [Artan:] Maybe it's true, but we will stand And we will fight to the last man But in the end, right when all it seems to be lost Slayn here he comes, taking himself Kamen's deadly lounge Then, by the sword, Artan cuts the demon's head off All is over now, the end of the war

Ultima melodie descarca album album versuri muzica straina. Versuri cantece Until The End melodia Drakkar asculta cuvinte cuvinte.

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